Search’n’Save Updates

Over the past week or so I’ve been working on upgrades for the Search’n’Save website, and yesterday I added some of the new code to the live site.

If you haven’t used Search’n’Save, give it a try. It’s a simple website that let’s you do Google searches and set aside results that you want to keep. You can perform multiple searches (in the left column) and your saved links stay right there where you pinned them (in the right column). All links to search results open in new windows so that your saved results stay right where you left them while you scan the websites, patents, books, blogs, etc. that come up in your search results. When you are finished searching, you can copy/paste your saved results into your own document (e.g., for reporting search results to a client, citing art to the USPTO, etc.). I plan to add an export feature in the future, but for now the copy/paste option works okay.

The most apparent new features added over the weekend are the new delete links in the saved results:




There is also a new “clear all” link that will clear all of your saved results:





For those interested in the code, behind the scenes the javascript code was revised to use jquery. This should make it easier to add additional features such as the new delete buttons added over the weekend.

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