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Google Patents Search – Tips and Tricks

Google introduced it’s patent search site several years ago, and it quickly became one of the websites that I visit most frequently. It’s very useful for research, patent searching, and getting pdf copies of patents. Here are a few tips and … Continue reading

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Adjusting Your Patent Strategy for the Era of 3D Printing

The era of personal 3D printing is (almost) here. Machines capable of printing 3D objects have been around for many years. But recently this fascinating technology has reached the point where the personal 3D printer has become a reality. At … Continue reading

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A Guide to Outlining Office Actions

If you aren’t familiar with the patent application process, an “Office action” is, basically, a letter from the USPTO (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office) informing an applicant about the status of their pending patent application. Often it means that the … Continue reading

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